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A Knysna Self Catering property is your home away from home. It usually offers guests a sole occupancy of one or more bedrooms or suites and a dining area with cooking facilities.
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Brenton-on-Sea, Knysna

from R1560

Paradise, Knysna

from R275

Waterfront, Knysna

from R925

Paradise, Knysna

from R270

Thesens Island, Knysna

from R1600

Thesens Island, Knysna

from R800

14 on League Knysna

Knysna (Central), Knysna

from R245
19 Jan - 31 Mar

Rheenendal, Knysna

from R743

Thesens Island, Knysna

from R2250

Old Place, Knysna

from R394

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