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A Knysna Guest House can be an existing home, a renovated home or a building that has been specifically designed as a residential dwelling to provide overnight accommodation, together with public areas for the exclusive use of its guests. A Guest House must have more than 3 rooms.
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Paradise, Knysna

from R650
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Belvidere, Knysna

from R705
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Leisure Isle, Knysna

from R965
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Knysna Heights, Knysna

from R385
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Paradise, Knysna

from R230
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Hunters Home, Knysna

from R775
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The Heads, Knysna

from R2900
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Rheenendal, Knysna

from R550
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Brenton-on-Sea, Knysna

from R380
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Hunters Home, Knysna

from R400
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