Harrie's Pancakes in Graskop

Last updated: Jul 17, 2014

The last time I was up in the Kruger National Park we were staying in the park for about a week. Half way through our stay we decided to make a day trip to explore the Panorama Route. Seeing as a few of the people with us had never been to Mpumalanga, I took on the role of enthusiastic tour guide.

We went to all the major stops along the Blyde River Canyon including Bourke's Luck Pothole, Three Rondawels, Pinnacle, God's Window and Pilgrim's Rest. We really do live in a beautiful country, and the Panorama Route showcases some of the best of South Africa's spectacular natural beauty.

After driving for some time, we decided to start heading back towards Kruger before it got too late. On the way my sister told us about a famous pancake spot in Graskop. Apparently it was un-missable, and although we were running out of time, we decided to stop off at Harrie's Pancake Store. All I can say is that I am glad we decided to take the time out.

Harrie's has been serving their sweet and savoury pancakes for over 18 years , and have become a popular stop-off for travellers. The restaurant serves a variety of interesting combinations as well as more traditional pancakes. One of their most popular pancakes is their ice cream and pecan nut pancake.

We ended up having to hurry back to Kruger before the gates closed, but it was well worth the added rush. If you're visiting Kruger this winter, head out to the Panorama Route and make sure you have time to stop off at Harrie's in Graskop for a fresh pancake and cappuccino.