Bungee Jumping in Joburg

Last updated: Jun 08, 2015

It's something that many people have on their bucket lists, but yet very few people ever get up onto the platform and take that mighty leap. Bungee jumping takes quite a bit of nerve, but once you've taken the jump its pure exhilaration from there.

If you're in Joburg and keen to bungee, here are two places where you can take your leap.

Orlando Cooling Towers

Standing tall above the skyline in Soweto are the Orlando Cooling Towers. These brightly painted towers make a unique and eye-catching landmark, and were once part of a power station. Now they play host to a number of adrenaline activities including bungee jumping.

The bungee jump is 100 metres high and offers a very unique opportunity to jump from between the two towers. You start by taking an open-air lift to the top of one of the towers, and then walk along a floating stairway to the edge of the rim. Here you can pause and take a look out to the amazing vista of Soweto. Next you walk out on the suspension bridge linking the two towers. Halfway between the towers, the bungee technicians will get you ready for the jump. Then it's just a short countdown from 5 and you're off.

If bungee jumping isn't your thing you can go on a power swing where you will free-fall for an exhilarating 40m before the pendulum of the rope becomes taut and swings you up and out again, with a spectacular view over the Orlando Dam. You can also go abseiling, base jumping, rap jumping and scad diving at the towers.

And, even if adrenalin sports aren't your thing, you can still take the lift up to the top of the west tower and enjoy the incredible panoramic views of Soweto.

You can jump any Friday to Sunday from 10h00 to sunset, and it is best to book in advance to ensure your spot. Abseiling takes place on Saturdays, while rap jumping only takes place on pre-arranged days. A bungee jump will cost you R480, the power swing R360, abseiling R260, and a trip to the viewing platform will cost R60. Under 18's must have parent/guardian sign consent.

For more information go to www.orlandotowers.co.za or call +27 71 674 4343.

Bungee Mogale

Bungee Mogale offers a 50 metre high bungee jump off the Kings Kloof Bridge in Krugersdorp. Enjoy the adrenalin rush of leaping off the bridge in the Sterkfontein Valley.

There is also a bridge swing, where you are able to leap from a 45 metre high platform and enjoy a smooth ride as you pendulum back and forth. Finally there is also a 320 metre foofy slide. You are strapped into a harness and attached by two safety slings, and then it's time to go flying across Kings Kloof.

The facility is open to the public on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 11:00 - 17:00. The bungee jump costs R300, the bridge swing costs R200, and the foofy slide costs R100.

For more information go to www.bungeemogale.co.za or call +27 86 128 6433.