Sleeping in a Cave - Kagga Kamma

Last updated: Apr 11, 2017

On this weekend away Ashleigh stayed at Kagga Kamma Private Nature Reserve and had a wonderful time staying in their luxurious cave room, enjoying the natural beauty of the Cederberg, and going on game drives through the reserve. Make sure to book a weekend away at Kagga Kamma.

There's no doubt that the drive from Cape Town to Kagga Kamma is a long one, but it is certainly eased by long stretches of breathtaking scenery along the way. It also means that by the time you reach the beautiful private game reserve you have exchanged the traffic, noise and chaos of the city for a quiet, remote location where not even your cellphone can bother you. Upon arrival we were welcomed with a glass of chilled white wine and shown to our beautiful rooms.

We were staying in the cave rooms for which Kagga Kamma is well-known. They are built into a rocky outcrop and the rocky interior walls made me feel as though I was camping out in the wild, though the luxurious queen sized bed, air-conditioner, and en-suite bathroom meant we were far from roughing it. The view from all the caves is amazing, and we were perched right at the top and overlooked a huge section of the park. It was quite spectacular to see the massive plains spread out in front of us.

Kagga Kamma

Dinner that evening was served in the outdoor lapa. We sat at tables around a bonfire and enjoyed good wine and delicious food while the stars came out. Again I was blown away by the combination of feeling pampered and comfortable, while still connecting with nature out the bush. In fact, the rest of the weekend was also marked by this 'rustic luxury'.

We slept soundly in our caves that night and rose early for the morning game drive. Our knowledgeable and friendly guide, Nicholas, showed us the incredible park. Despite his warnings that sightings weren't guaranteed, he somehow worked his magic and we saw Gemsbok, Zebra, Eland, a Duiker and a very nonchalant Bontebok who barely seemed to notice that we were only a few metres away. Nicholas knew everything there was to know about the various animals, and was clearly passionate about conservation and nature.

We arrived back to an amazing continental breakfast buffet and spent some time watching the cricket in Doppie's pub, where the couches are comfortable, the drinks are cold and the walls are adorned with San rock art. The afternoon was spent relaxing, reading on the loungers at the pool, and napping (which is, in my books, a pre-requisite for any good weekend away).

That evening we headed out on a sunset game drive and saw more Zebra, Eland, and Gemsbok, as well as an ostrich and a beautiful little Steenbok (whose huge ears gave away its hiding place behind a bush). We stopped on the edge of a small peak that overlooked the whole park and enjoyed some more 'rustic luxury' with a drink and some snacks while we watched the sun set over the Cederberg mountains. We were joined by a cute and inquisitive little elephant shrew, who darted around our feet while we tried to get photographs. That night we enjoyed dinner in the lapa again, and spent ages gazing at the stars, undisturbed by city lights, before heading off to bed.

After breakfast on Sunday we joined Nicholas for a tour on the quad bikes. Being a bit of an adrenaline junkie, this was one of my favourite ways of seeing the park. Quad bikes can handle terrain that even 4x4s struggle with, so we managed to see new areas of the park and get much closer to the rather skittish Zebras. We also saw our first Wildebeest and found a sandy area where we could play around on the bikes for a little while. We arrived back happy, hot and dusty so we headed straight for the pool to clean up and cool off. We also went past the larger pool, located near the self-catering chalets, to peek at some of the genuine San rock art that can be seen at a number of locations around the park.

Finally we reluctantly set off back to Cape Town, our hearts and camera filled with great memories of the wonderful and unique place that is Kagga Kamma. Previously when I have stayed at a private game reserve I feel like I'm either sacrificing a truly wild holiday for comfort, or vice versa. At Kagga Kamma you get both a wild experience as well as the comforts of four star luxury. We are sure to return one day soon to again enjoy the beauty of Kagga Kamma.

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