Winelands Luxury at Majestic Majeka

Last updated: Oct 04, 2016

Ross recently enjoyed a weekend break at Majeka House in Stellenbosch. Majeka House boasts the epitome of relaxation and surrounds its guests with a warm atmosphere and memorable decor.

We all know the idiom, "When pigs fly". if you are a parent of young children, you will know to associate that saying with any chance of free time; especially luxurious free time, away from said children.

It turns out though that we were in luck. Majeka House, nestled in the hills of Stellenbosch, offered us a weekend of unparalleled beauty, luxury, relaxation, and the friendliest service we have experienced in years. From parking our car, to being guided through the various parts of the sprawling establishment, to enjoying our drinks and meals; the service and friendliness from everyone at Majeka House is relaxed and genuine.

Upon check-in with a complimentary cup of herbal tea, we were taken to our room and allowed to settle in. A glorious king-sized bed, honesty bar with homemade biscuits, a selection of fine wines, and a coffee machine start off the highlights. The bathroom is perfectly laid out with a majestic bathtub that overlooks the bedroom and the garden outside, as well as a shower.

The shower to end all showers. The Mrs is a bath fan; myself, I am a shower guy.

Nothing is as relaxing and refreshing than a good shower. This was not a good shower: it was an amazing shower. From the powerful and adjustable spray to the wooden deck floor, it was enough to forget that we were heading into a water crisis. Before I write an entire novel on this shower, let's move back out to the gardens.

Making Majeka House seem more like a Garden of Eden, the gardens are woven throughout the various buildings, separated by archways of roses, pots of cactus plants and hedges of blossoming jasmine. There are tables, sun loungers and comfy chairs placed throughout the gardens. We settled ourselves in the sun to warm up in what was a fairly overcast and cool day.

Feeling revived, we ordered some coffee and tea, and beer (it was Saturday after all) and a small snack. Braaibroodjies (toasted sandwiches) with smoked mozzarella and onion chutney, triple-fried handmade chips, and some salad was just what we needed to tide us over from early afternoon to dinner that night. Every detail had been thought of, such as the tray that doubles as the serving platform as well as the drawer containing the plates and cutlery.

Post-snack, we took to exploring our surroundings. Walking through the bar in the M Lounge and Makaron, the award-winning restaurant, we started to notice something interesting among the eclectic and unique decor elements.

Pigs. Everywhere. Small ones, large ones, pink ones, and even - as the starting sentence implied - flying ones. It turns out that the owner has been collecting pigs since she was a young girl and this collection is on display throughout the venue. The reason we didn't really notice them at first is because they fit right in. Once spotted though, we spent the better part of the next half an hour trying to find as many as we could. A fantastic collection to be sure, and one that is accompanied in the vegetable and herb garden by some equally fun and beautiful frog statues.

Unfortunately, Makaron was fully booked for dinner that night so we headed out deep into the heart of the Winelands and enjoyed a romantic evening together. On our return, we got to enjoy the stillness and tranquility of the hotel after most people had retired to their rooms or were having a last drink at the bar. We made our way back to our room and settled in for a quiet night, without the usual children, cats and dogs demanding some level of attention from dusk until dawn.

Sunday morning started as all good ones should: slowly. We lazed around a while before heading to breakfast at Makaron. I have yet to experience a finer spread! There was absolutely every possible breakfast option available, all freshly grown or mostly made onsite, and presented with care and perfection.

After two great cappuccinos, some bacon and eggs, and something called "Green Energizer Juice" (an all-natural, home grown "potion"), we mooched over to the spa for our massages. There is not much to say here, because my mind and body went to their happy place and stayed there for some time. No matter how long a great massage is, it is never enough! All you need to know is that the spa was exactly what the doctor ordered, and, if we were to redo the weekend, I would book a number of more sessions. My only regret about the whole weekend was that we didn't pack our costumes and were not able to enjoy the incredible heated indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi. Next time for sure.

One last cup of tea in our room, we packed our belongings and said our farewell to the friendly staff (and the pigs) as we headed out. Majeka House is like a little paradise in the middle of a bigger paradise; all within an hour's drive from home. Surrounded by flying pigs, this is the stuff dreams are made of.

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