An amazing stay at All Seasons

Last updated: Aug 30, 2017

Self-styled as “your home away from home”, All Seasons gets it exactly right at their main B & B house. The rooms are clean and well-appointed, but not so stifling that you feel afraid to put your feet up on the couch and wile away the hours gazing out the window. The All Seasons has struck that difficult balance between homely and the private. I was impressed by the fully kitted kitchenette in our room (not something you’ll get at most BnBs) and multiple private braai areas dotted around the property. Breakfast is served between 6:30 and 9am – an extended frame that caters for the business traveller and those wanting a lie-in.

Both mornings, husband-man and I opted to have our breakfast served outside on one of several decks overlooking the ocean. The clean air, crashing waves, monkeys barking through the dense thicket and prolific insect world – bees, cicadas, butterflies, praying mantis – hovering languidly in the morning haze were the perfect backdrop for a slow start to the day. After breakfast, if the tides favour you, make your way back down to the beach and laze around in the low-tide rock pools that form all along the coast.

There are few times in life when we get to stop – truly stop – dead in our tracks and revel in the beauty of creation. I certainly hadn’t intended to do so on my working trip to Durban, but the allure of the Bluff coastline and that salty KwaZulu-Natal air, got the better of me. A full breakfast lazily morphed into several hours of coffee and a good book, intermittent dolphin-watching and before we knew it, 4pm hit us.

As the mist began sidling its way along the coast, we made our way down the steep and overhung path to the beach. We took a casual stroll past fishermen hauling in the early evening’s catch and couldn’t resist diving into the warm Indian waves fully clothed. What are holidays for if not seizing the spontaneous moments when they’re present? Moments like these should be revelled in and it took little convincing from husband-man to get me to shake off inhibitions and practicalities and take the plunge.

If you’re lucky like we were, the weather will play ball and the place will live up to its name. A bright blue morning will drift into a comfortingly overcast afternoon, a serenely misty evening, and close out with the crashing waves competing with a lingering KZN thunderstorm as you fall asleep.

Next time you’re in Durban, whether for work or pleasure, give this home nestled amongst the verdant greenery of the KZN coast a try. Plunge into the waves or the pristine pool, pour yourself a GnT and ease into your stay.

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