The Voortrekker Monument


Overlooking the city of Pretoria stands the majestic Voortrekker Monument. The moment was built in honour of the Voortrekkers who settled in South Africa, making their way from the coast into the hinterland on ox-wagons.

The monument stands 40 metres tall with a base of 40 square metres. Inside the monument is the Hall of Heroes which houses the biggest marble frieze in the world. The frieze depicts the history of the Great Trek on 27 panels, from the beginning of the Trek in 1835 through to the signing of independence for the Boers in 1852.

The focus of the monument is a cenotaph inscribed with the words "Ons Vir Jou Suid Afrika" (We for you South Africa).Every year at noon on the 16th of December a ray of light shines onto the cenotaph, a symbol of God's blessing on the Boers.

Map of The Voortrekker Monument

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