The Seaview Lion and Predator Park


Set in a 120 hectare park, the Seaview Lion Park is located just 25km outside of Port Elizabeth. Home to around 55 lions and lion cubs as well as 43 other species of wildlife; the Seaview Lion Park allows visitors to spend time in the company of the 'king of the wild', the Lion. The park is home to a range of animals from jackals and caracals to giraffes and crocodiles. The main purpose of the park is to aid in the conservation and breeding of the white lion and lions; in an attempt to increase their gene pool. Visitors to the park can view the animals from elevated walkways as they play or lie in the sunshine.

One of the major attractions of the park is the opportunity to spend time with the lion cubs of 4-months and older. Guests can enter the enclosure and chat to the ranger while the cubs play close by. This a wonderful opportunity that comes highly recommended.

Map of The Seaview Lion and Predator Park

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