iSimangaliso Wetlands

St Lucia

The iSimangaliso Wetlands Park is a unique jewel in the KwaZulu Natal region and covers over 280 kilometres of coastline. A diverse ecosystem made up of swamps, lakes, beaches, coral reefs and coastal forests the park stretches from Kosi Bay in the north down to the small town of St. Lucia in the south.

Lake St Lucia runs parallel to the coast line and is separated from the ocean by the world’s largest forested sand dunes. The river mouth of lake St Lucia is home to many crocodiles and hippos that can be seen playing in the water or sun tanning on the river banks.

iSimangaliso is also the breeding grounds of the Giant Leatherback and Loggerhead turtles who come to shore on Kosi beach around November to lay their eggs in the sand before returning to the ocean. During the summer months whales can also be seen playing in the waves.

Map of iSimangaliso Wetlands