Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens


Relatively small, and unknown to many, the Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens are nevertheless worth a visit and the garden is in fact the oldest university botanic garden in South Africa.

The garden is very much a centre for learning and research and as such is home to a variety of plants from the world over. Within walking distance of the town centre, visitors can enjoy strolling through the gardens and taking in the walkways, herb garden, Japanese garden, Koi ponds, glass houses and an impressive bonsai collection. Also, pop in to visit the shop and the restaurant, which is open daily for breakfast, lunch and tea,

The gardens are open daily from 08h00 – 16h30 (16h00 in winter), with the restaurant being open until 17h00. For further details, telephone +27 21808-3054.

Map of Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens

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