Durban Botanic Gardens


Covering some 15 hectares, the Durban Botanic Gardens were founded in 1849 as a way to trial different commercial crops in the area. Over the years the gardens have developed and are now home to many African, Asian and American trees. The cycad collection is specifically noteworthy with the world’s rarest original specimen of a plant to be found here - the cycad Encephalartos woodii.

With over 500 000 visitors, the gardens are a popular stop for those wanting to enjoy the beauty of the plant world. Top attractions in the gardens are the Orchid House which is best viewed in spring, the Garden for the Blind and the Tea Garden.

Guided tours are offered of the gardens, but need to be booked well in advance. The gardens are open from 07h30-17h15 (16 April - 15 Sept) and 07h30-17h45 (16 Sept - 15 April). The Information Centre is open from 9h00 - 16h30. For more information go to

Map of Durban Botanic Gardens