Willem Pretorius Game Reserve


Located in the heart of the Free State, Willem Pretorius Game Reserve is the largest game reserve in the Lejweleputswa District Municipality of South Africa and is home to the Allemanskraal Dam.

Here you will see the world’s largest herd of black wildebeest roam these wild grassy plains.

After Europeans developed a liking for wildebeest skins in the mid 1800’s, over 157 000 skins were exported from one Free State firm in 1866 alone. In 1890 an ordinary farmer secretly turned his land into a black wildebeest sanctuary

When this farmer passed away hunting once again resumed and the herd took shelter on a nearby farm owned by Hendrik Delport. This Delport herd was later used to re-stock other conservation areas.

You may also come across springbok, blesbok, eland, white rhino and giraffe while visiting the reserve.

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Map of Willem Pretorius Game Reserve

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