The Drakenstein Lion Park


Located only 30 minutes away from Cape Town, the Drakenstein Lion Park is the only genuine lion sanctuary in the Western Cape and has recently opened a Chimp Haven due to the unfortunate closure of the Tygerberg Zoo.

The park was established in 1998 and its main aim is to improve the quality of life for local and international lions being held in captivity. It provides a safe environment, free from abuse and allows the lions to be treated with compassion and respect.

Many of the lions at the park were rescued from various circuses where they were often kept in horrific conditions and sometimes beaten and even declawed.

Members of the public can help these born predators by ?Adopting a Lion? for only R1000, which is renewable every year. This donation contributes directly towards the care costs for the specific lion that you have chosen to ?adopt.? Donations cover costs for food, housing and veterinary care. A lifetime adoption option is also available in order to adopt a lion for the rest of its natural life. This entails a once-off lifetime donation. You are also able to join the ?Friends of the Lion Club? ? membership is a once off donation of R100.

Chimpanzees can also be ?adopted? for R1500, which is renewable every year. You will receive a certificate for your donation as well as acknowledgement on the info board at the park and on their website.

The Drakenstein Lion Park urges the public to not play with lion cubs at just any ?parks? as these ?factory farmed? cubs are often kept in improper cages with very little regard for their needs and social requirements. Once these human imprinted cubs outgrow their usefulness some of them are killed in canned hunts.

The Drakenstein Lion Park is situated in the beautiful and scenic Cape Winelands and is open daily from 09h30 to 17h00. Chimp Haven is open daily from 09h30 to 16h30. Closed on Christmas Day. Lion Feeding Times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 16h00.

Admission fees: Adult R60 and Kids R35 (Per Facility) or you can purchase a Combo Ticket and visit both facilities for R90 per adult and R50 per child.

Group rates are available on request for pre-booked groups.

For more info, go to or call +27 (0) 21 863 3290

Map of The Drakenstein Lion Park

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