Champagne Castle and Monk's Cowl


Known for its wonderful scenery and spectacular waterfalls, Champagne Castle and Monk’s Cowl are a nature enthusiast’s paradise. The area has many hiking trails as well as overnight hiking routes which take you through the area’s deep valleys and forests into the escarpment where you can enjoy the great views of the area. The hikes range from easy to difficult. Something like the “Fern Forest” would be considered as easy as it is a straightforward 30 minute walk, whereas the hike to Champagne Castle via Gray’s Pass would be considered extreme as it can take up to 19 hours to complete.

The area offers many different outdoor activities, but also has many quaint boutique shops and coffee shops offering local goods. You are able to camp anywhere within the 22000 ha wilderness area or you can choose one of the electrical / non-electrical campsites which offer ablution blocks with hot showers.

Map of Champagne Castle and Monk's Cowl

Accommodation nearby Champagne Castle and Monk's Cowl