Oribi Gorge

Port Shepstone

The Oribi Gorge is a lush forest area 21 kilometres inland from Port Shepstone. One of the highlights of the South Coast, these deep chasms offer spectacular scenery including the Samango Falls, wildlife and fantastic bird watching. Well worth the slight deviation off the N2, Oribi is a must for hikers and ramblers. The scenery along the gorge, formed by the Umzimkulwana River, is a photographer’s and nature lover’s dream and offers wide panoramic views across the landscape. There have been around 250 different bird species counted in the area, providing ample spotting for the bird-lovers.

Oribi Gorge is home to the Wild 5 Adventures where one can go gorge swinging, abseiling, water rafting, hiking and sliding across the gorge on a 120m ‘foofi-slide’.

Map of Oribi Gorge