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from R4360 per unit p.u
from R1600 per unit p.u
from R3224 per unit p.u
from R6900 per unit p.u
from R4870 per unit p.u
from R3000 per unit p.u
from R4440 per unit p.u
from R3000 per unit p.u
from R5470 per unit p.u
from R2471 per unit p.u

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Results 1 - 10 of 11

Homes & Apartments in Mauritius

Looking for a specific type of accommodation in Mauritius?

Mauritius Homes & Apartments

Choosing a house in Mauritius is a great way to enjoy a more relaxed and exclusive holiday or business trip. A Mauritius apartment or house has self-catering facilities to make your own food, which is ideal for longer stays or those on a budget. A house or apartment in Mauritius is rented as a whole unit, giving you more freedom and privacy than traditional accommodation stays.

More and more people are offering homes and apartments in Mauritius for rental to travellers. Enjoy this authentic and often budget-friendly way of visiting Mauritius. Group stays in Mauritius often choose a home as they can sleep more people. A home or apartment often has a prime location with great views, as they can be in locations that more traditional accommodation types can’t be.

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Other popular categories of accommodation in Mauritius

Mauritius Accommodation

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