Johannesburg, the heart and hub of Gauteng, is a sprawling metropolis that encompasses city centre, commercial districts, colourful townships and upmarket residential areas. It is the financial and industrial capital of South Africa and was founded in the heydays of one of the world's biggest and richest gold rushes - earning it the name of Egoli meaning 'place of gold'.

Johannesburg is the gateway to the rest of South Africa with most international flights touching down at Johannesburg International Airport. The upmarket residential and commercial centre of Sandton with its designer malls and boutiques is only 30 minutes away as is the bustling township of Soweto, the largest township in the country encompassing 26 individual townships with living accommodation ranging from shacks to mansions.

Gold Reef City is one of Johannesburg's most popular tourist attractions and centres on a mining village recreated around an old mine shaft where visitors can experience real mining conditions underground and watch gold being poured.

From nightlife and theatre to wining and dining, outdoor adventure, extreme sports and shopping, shopping, shopping Johannesburg is loud, bold and vibrant with something for everyone.

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