Pretoria was founded in 1855 and is the administrative capital of South Africa. Known as the Jacaranda City, the city's wide streets are lined with Jacaranda trees that cover everything in a beautiful purple blanket in October. Pretoria is warm and sheltered, falling between the Highveld and Bushveld regions about 50 kilometres north of Johannesburg.

The magnificent Union Buildings are built in golden stone with Italian tiled roofs and overlook the whole of Pretoria from a hilltop. The town is an interesting and unique fusion of the historical and the modern, and a mix of natural beauty and a cosmopolitan city. Pretoria's rich history can be explored in the numerous museums around the city including the Transvaal Museum, the National Cultural History Museum, and the Smuts Museum

In the greater Pretoria area visitors can explore Cullinan, the small town where in 1905, the world's largest Diamond was found. A short drive will take guests to Sun City and the Lost City, where young and old can play in this magical world.

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