The City of Gold, as Johannesburg is known, was the place of the major gold rush of the 1880's in South Africa drawing people from all over the world creating an interesting mixture of cultures with a unique and vibrant atmosphere. The area exists to this day as the financial and industrial capital of South Africa.

Central Gauteng has been the hub of economic activity, and skyscrapers line the horizon adding to the hustle and bustle of the city life below. The city area has a rich heritage and recently the city underwent a process of rejuvenation with many of the old buildings being refurbished. The Newtown Cultural Precinct is an example of this, as museums and old jazz clubs have been restored to their previous glory.

The dynamic heart of Johannesburg is loud and driven, with a focus on working hard and playing hard. Upmarket housing and designer malls stand next to bustling townships, making Central Johannesburg the eclectic, vibrant area it is.