The Underberg is a small agricultural town, so named due to its position right underneath the Southern Drakensberg Mountains. Underberg’s scenery is magnificent, with the peaks of Giant’s Cup looming above the town, many small rivers and lush farm lands stretching out from every direction.

Known for its trout fishing, the southern Drakensberg boasts more fly-fishing opportunities than anywhere else in South Africa, with 60 dams and over 160km of river available. The Underberg is also a beautiful place to go horse riding, hiking and swimming. In summer months, canoeists visit the area to paddle in the rivers from the uMkomazi to the uMzimkulu. Near to Underberg lies the town of Himeville which has a very good museum for those wanting to learn more about the history of the area.

Underberg is a popular base for those wanting to explore the Sani Pass and a section of Lesotho. Organised tour operators take visitors up the pass in 4X4 vehicles. The drive is exhilarating especially the last 8km where you climb over 1000m. Passports are needed as you exit South Africa and enter Lesotho. Self drives are allowed but are not recommended as the road is very steep and there are a few areas where advanced driving skills and knowledge of the road come in handy.