The Northern Cape, stretching across the vast plains of the Karoo, is a sparsely populated province still relatively unspoiled by man. The Karoo, meaning 'land of great thirst' in the Hottentot language, blazes in the summer heat yet its starkness and silence are breathtakingly beautiful.

Certain areas of the province, including Namaqualand, enjoy rainfall in the spring months resulting in explosive displays of bright, wild flowers from July to November.

Along the reviving waters of the Orange River, lush crops of cotton, Lucerne and dates abound and the town of Upington rests amongst vineyards of sultana grapes.

Perhaps the most famous town is the town of Kimberley. Here in the early 1800's the world's greatest diamond rush began when a child found a 21-carat stone. The town features the largest man-made hole in the world, with museums documenting the diamond rush.

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