The town of Agulhas, located 2 ½ hours outside of Cape Town, is located on the southern-most tip of Africa, which is the meeting place of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

The bright red and white lighthouse offers some amazing views of the surrounding area while serving as a reminder of the time when brave sailors first rounded the tip of Africa. Today many shipwrecks can be seen from the shore including the Mishu Maru.

Khoi-khoi middens can also be found along the coast and act as an example of how the Khoi-khoi people caught fish using these skilfully constructed tidal traps. The Plaat is the longest uninterrupted beach in South Africa and stretches for over 16km in length. There is also a Saltpan where over 800 lesser flamingos can sometimes be seen. Unsurprisingly, the area is a popular birding spot boasting over 270 different species of birds.

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