This wonderful coastal town is known for its quaint and charming West Coast feel, with its white-washed fishermen’s cottages and colourful fishing boats moored on the sandy beaches. The people of Paternoster typify the West Coast spirit of hospitality and welcoming spirit, and Paternoster is in fact the oldest fishing village on the West Coast. Visitors can buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen, with good catches of snoek in winter and crayfish in summer.

The name Paternoster comes from the Latin for ‘Our Father’ and is believed to refer to the prayers made by Portuguese sailors who became shipwrecked along the coast.

Another must-see is a visit to the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, a reserve stretching over 263 hectares and running along a rocky stretch of coastline with numerous inlets and coves. The reserve is home to the popular Cape Columbine lighthouse, named after the British ship Columbine, which was shipwrecked along the coast.

Adding further appeal is the beautiful fynbos that surrounds Paternoster, and in Spring the wildflowers, which bloom in their thousands, make for a spectacular view. There is also plenty of sea life to see with whales and dolphins often sited from the shore, and smaller sea creatures making it a popular spot with snorkelers and divers.

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