Baviaanskloof Trail Run


Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency is proud to present the PiA Solar Baviaanskloof Trail Run and invite a few seriously adventurous trail runners to take on this unspoiled, rugged terrain and experience the unique privilege of running with legends of the animal kingdom such as the Cape Cobra, Black Rhino and Cape Buffalo, and among fauna such as spekboom, cycad and the endangered Willowmore Cedar.

The Baviaanskloof legends are not only from the animal kingdom. Numerous examples of rock art can be seen, and the human history is littered with legend and fable dating back to early man and as recent as last week.

The Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve, a World Heritage Site, part of the Baviaanskloof Mega-reserve, lies roughly 120km west of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape and is one of the largest wilderness conservation areas in the country where about 500,000ha of land, owned by the government and the private sector, is collaboratively managed by the Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency. It represents seven out of eight of South Africa's biomes, which are distinct ecological communities of plants and animals that live together in a particular climate.

The Baviaanskloof (Valley of Baboons) is a true wilderness and wide variety of wildlife reside in the area including Baboon, Bushbuck, Tortoise, Kudu, Bush Pig, Caracal, Mountain Zebra, Leopard, Black Rhino and Cape Buffalo.

Map of Baviaanskloof Trail Run