Galileo Open Air Cinema

Cape Town

The Galileo Open Air Cinema is an outdoor cinema that lets you enjoy the best of some really special places around Cape Town including Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, the Hillcrest Quarry, the V&A Waterfront, and many others.

25-Nov Fri Top Gun

29-Nov Tue The Fault In Our Stars

30-Nov Wed Lucy

01-Dec Thu The Conjuring

02-Dec Fri The Notebook

03-Dec Sat Finding Nemo

06-Dec Tue The Fast And The Furious

07-Dec Wed Amelie

08-Dec Thu View From A Blue Moon

09-Dec Fri The Lion King

11-Dec Sun Frozen

13-Dec Tue The Avengers

14-Dec Wed Crocodile Dundee

15-Dec Thu Snatch

16-Dec Fri The Social Network

17-Dec Sat Pretty Woman

18-Dec Sun The Jungle Book (2016)

20-Dec Tue Grease

21-Dec Wed The Holiday

22-Dec Thu Home Alone

23-Dec Fri Love Actually

25-Dec Sun Elf

27-Dec Tue Kung Fu Panda

28-Dec Wed Spud

29-Dec Thu The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

30-Dec Fri Almost Famous

03-Jan Tue Armageddon

04-Jan Wed Charlie's Angels

05-Jan Thu Lord Of The Flies

06-Jan Fri Everest

07-Jan Sat Mamma Mia!

08-Jan Sun Toy Story

10-Jan Tue Pearl Harbor

11-Jan Wed Boyhood

12-Jan Thu The Matrix Reloaded

13-Jan Fri The Grand Budapest Hotel

17-Jan Tue Bad Movie Night: Sharknado

18-Jan Wed Reel Rock 11

19-Jan Thu (500) Days Of Summer

20-Jan Fri Scream

21-Jan Sat 50 First Dates

24-Jan Tue Knocked Up R

25-Jan Wed Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

26-Jan Thu Birdman

27-Jan Fri Dirty Dancing

31-Jan Tue Single White Female

01-Feb Wed Reality Bites

02-Feb Thu The Armstrong Lie

03-Feb Fri Pretty Woman

04-Feb Sat Interstellar

07-Feb Tue The Vow

08-Feb Wed Bridget Jones' Diary

09-Feb Thu 10 Things I Hate About You

10-Feb Fri The Notebook

14-Feb Tue When Harry Met Sally

15-Feb Wed Fifty Shades Of Grey

16-Feb Thu Valkyrie

17-Feb Fri Ferris Bueller's Day Off

18-Feb Sat He's Just Not That Into You

21-Feb Tue The Ring

22-Feb Wed Winter's Tale

23-Feb Thu Office Space R

24-Feb Fri Jurassic Park

28-Feb Tue How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

01-Mar Wed Blue Crush

02-Mar Thu The Wizard Of Oz

03-Mar Fri The Shawshank Redemption

04-Mar Sat The Grand Budapest Hotel

07-Mar Tue The Boat That Rocked

08-Mar Wed Step Brothers

09-Mar Thu Gone Girl

10-Mar Fri The Dark Knight

14-Mar Tue The Theory Of Everything

15-Mar Wed Grease

16-Mar Thu Frida

17-Mar Fri The Wolf Of Wall Street

18-Mar Sat Dirty Dancing

21-Mar Tue Fight Club

22-Mar Wed The Omen

23-Mar Thu The Sound Of Music

24-Mar Fri The Hangover

28-Mar Tue Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

29-Mar Wed Trails In Motion: MTB Film Festival

30-Mar Thu Star Wars: The Force Awakens

31-Mar Fri 300

01-Apr Sat Life Of Pi

02-Apr Sun The Lego Movie

04-Apr Tue E.T.

05-Apr Wed Inside Out

06-Apr Thu The Pursuit Of Happyness

07-Apr Fri Maleficent

09-Apr Sun Ice Age

11-Apr Tue He's Just Not That Into You

12-Apr Wed Back To The Future Part II

13-Apr Thu Breakfast At Tiffany's

14-Apr Fri Vacation

15-Apr Sat Love Actually

16-Apr Sun The NeverEnding Story

18-Apr Tue Mamma Mia!

19-Apr Wed Earthlings

20-Apr Thu Her

21-Apr Fri The Hunger Games

25-Apr Tue Pitch Perfect

26-Apr Wed Into The Wild

27-Apr Thu American Sniper

28-Apr Fri Titanic

29-Apr Sat Pride & Prejudice

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