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A Knysna Hotel provides formal accommodation with full or limited service to the travelling public. A Hotel has a reception area, and offers a dining facility. A Hotel must have a minimum of 6 rooms but more likely exceeds 20 rooms.
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Knysna (Central), Knysna

from R315

Knysna (Central), Knysna

from R800

Belvidere, Knysna

from R970

Knysna (Central), Knysna

from R525

Knysna (Central), Knysna

from R790

Knysna (Central), Knysna

from R490

Thesens Island, Knysna

from R670

Waterfront, Knysna

from R973

The Point, Knysna

from R1070

Welbedacht, Knysna

from R810

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